Football Manager 2016 v16.1.1 Cracked-ALI213

Posted 30 Nov 2015 in PC Games

Football Manager 2016 v16.1.1 Cracked-ALI213


Football Manager 16 or FM 2016 is the most realistic, in-depth and immersive football management simulation available.


Football Manager is the most realistic, in-depth and immersive football management simulation available – it’s the closest thing to doing the job for real. Taking control of any squad from more than 50 countries across the world, you decide who plays and who sits on the bench, deal with the media and solve player problems. You’re in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine.

Football Manager 2016 pc cover

Name : Football Manager 2016 v16.1.1 Cracked-ALI213
Genre: Simulation, Sports
Developer: SEGA
Release Date: 13 Nov, 2015

Release Name : Football Manager 2016 v16.1.1 Cracked-ALI213
Size : 1.6 GB



Changelog :
- Grey Fixed 100%.
- Names Should Be Fixed. Need To Test.
- Crashes Fixed 100%.
- Finance Should Be Fixed. Need To Test.




















  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Intel Core AMD Athlon 2.2GHz+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce FX 5900 Ultra ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Intel GMA X3100 256MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Earlier cards may only display 2D Match Viewer Mode and are not supported. Earlier cards may require the DirectX 9.0 SDK is installed to run the game. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.


  • OS: Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10
  • Processor: Intel Core 1.8GHz+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce 7300 GT ATI Radeon X1600 Pro Intel GMA X3100 256MB VRAM OpenGL 2.0 compliant
  • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Earlier cards may only display 2D Match Viewer Mode and are not supported. Earlier cards may require the DirectX 9.0 SDK is installed to run the game. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.

Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016 v16.1.1 Cracked-ALI213
1. mount
2. extract
3. play.

Posted by SKIDROW
  • Villareal

    Thanks, but a trojan is detected :/ Should I even open it ?

  • hgfhgfh

    except that trojan , the crack is good or still fake names ? :)

  • hjk

    Don’t click in ” Click here to download ” it’s an advertising with probably a trojan.. The proper crack isn’t ready yet, it’s probably for today

  • Beylerr

    Thankss thanks alı123 beyler çalışıyor mu bu

  • fake

    this file is fake name

  • ocb37

    Le jeu se lance mais les noms des joueurs ne sont pas encore bons.
    The game starts but the names of the players are always false

  • Utsav

    The real names go away after 2 mins of gameplay

  • mastro

    Still fake names …

  • ROZI


  • crisq-POLAND

    Works PEOPLE !!!!

    Preferences > Extra Files > uncheck “FAKE” !!!! REAL NAMES ;)

  • BoKeR

    Idiots! Nor works

  • kreim

    not working
    same like old crack

  • ibiza

    it works. I have no problem.

  • sangji

    names is “fake”

    start new game, before picking team, proper names are shown in “view squad”
    when game starts back to “fake” names
    loading a old game, shows proper names till team meeting then changes back to “fake” names during meeting.

    getting there!!! :)

  • MichaelKing

    Thats enough.. Not working Crack.. Still Fake Names… !!! Check it again…

  • BoKeR

    Not working… 2 days and problems fake names

  • ibiza

    The solution to the fake names problem is

    1-start a new game
    2- save and exit the game
    3- start the game again and load it. And real names work

  • Marco

    Don’t Start (Torrent Download)…. Win10

  • is the full and final crack please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sangji

    ibiza (30 Nov 2015, 11:57)
    The solution to the fake names problem is

    1-start a new game
    2- save and exit the game
    3- start the game again and load it. And real names work


    names chage back to fake during team meeting, fix not yet 100%

  • MichaelKing

    when time fix it ? give us date admin

  • ALAN

    Works PEOPLE !!!!

    Preferences > Extra Files > uncheck “FAKE” !!!! REAL NAMES

    Where’s preferences?

  • Andrea

    La crack fa partire il gioco, ma i nomi sono comunque sbagliati. Per favore, fixate, grazie

  • ynwa

    guys relax please.. it’s working. here is the solution:

    1-start a new game
    2- save and exit the game
    3- start the game again and load it. And real names work

    lets play this game we are liverpool tra la la la la


  • tayip

    ynwa thank you man work !!!!!

    1-start a new game
    2- save and exit the game
    3- start the game again and load it. And real names work

  • DAZ

    Is not working after you pass one or two days fake names are back

  • Bill

    1. started new game, gave me a fake manager name.
    2. saved, quit, restarted & loaded saved game, my name was back with proper squad names, got to team meeting, names changed back to fake.
    3. saved game after team meeting,quit and loaded saved game, my name was back once again, after a few days back to fake names.
    4. have unselected FAKE in preferences still the same.
    as far as im aware the crack is a test crack from mkdev.
    stll working on one, multi layer protecting from SI 1st layer cracked

  • Works


  • Loureiro

    Does it work for MAC?

  • miguel

    Quelqu’un peut expliquer le tuto exact pour installer et jouer a FM car je ne comprend pas avec les dossiers rar part 1 et 2


  • Tudo

    Doesn´t work. FAKE NAMES. shows proper names till team meeting then changes back to “fake” names during meeting.

  • anita

    there is a way to download the editor?

  • xyica

    for MAC ? is it work on mac ?

  • sasanto

    why this is up if not finished yet???

  • hola ratata

    Come on, don’t request one more time if it works for mac.

  • hola ratata

    u can prove using yourself

  • Lucas

    Fix for names?

  • BoKeR

    When fix for names?

  • Pavel

    Fix names please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pavel

    Fix names crack please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • serg

    who has a problem with ” gray players “? I did not see no real team players win over the tops ?

  • WJXJ

    When I try to install by clicking on the app it says that there is a serious error and that it doesn’t work, What am I supposed to do?

  • floravior

    the crack is good ! save, quit and lauch game ; and go to preferences to delete the help to upgrade the game ,for me now i can play with all names real

  • BoKeR

    Where is preferences?

  • delirttiniz lan

    there is not delete the help to upgrade the game in preferences

  • BoKeR

    Guys, When crack fix ?

  • tae..Thai

    …Fake name….. am okey Thank for you …..You for God and Godgame

  • Quinel

    Crack only works with small database. If you make changes fake names appear.

  • BoKeR

    Guys, crack fix when?

  • v55

    when fix crack or real name fix’s?

    any solution for after de team meeting the fakes names return?


  • İSmail



  • vladmir

    this working but a few days past and continue fake names again so we have to wait but its not be a too diffucult . we wait fix

  • Heat

    Did anyone try this with the new crack released by MKDEV on their site and see if it works?


    hello when you think that the Mac version will be available ????????? thank

  • eee

    why dont you playfm 2015 with 3.2 update?? you can find transfer updates from 2016 season on net, and als0 fm 2016 would not be playable until may 2016 when 16.3 update will be relesed becouse of bugs,,

  • sangji

    Guys has working one tested it got past team meeting with real name :)

    password for the .rar file is the guys name ilefx


  • Dave81

    it works, but the game results are crazy :( Faroe-Greece 9-0, Malta-Croatia 5-1…

  • sangji

    tested add new manager…. also works :)

    still real players \o/ to mkdev :))))))

  • Perfect

    Mkdev footballers gray running team Beşiktaş vs u21 team results 5-0:)))))

  • boka

    Anyone know the password for the rar file mkdev

  • André

    Does this work on Mac?

  • Yohanes

    Request for fm 2016 data editor. Anyone has it? Pls share with us :D

  • markopaci

    Crack V3 again fake names….

  • opopop

    at january the names became fakes….

  • 3 Peswa

    What do you mean by OP names

  • MichaelKing

    Admin .. Still Fake Names..

    4-5 weeks after the start of the league. False names are happening. Still fake names ..

  • BoKeR

    Guys, working?

  • kamil

    This fixes fake names 100% but OP Names Still The Same.

    Przetlumaczy ktoś na polski, działa ten crack ? I nazwiska sa dobre ?

  • kamil

    OP ?

  • Ash

    Names still go fake after a few months

  • Giò

    i nomi cambiano dopo un mese di gioco! ma poi che significa OP names

  • Ipman

    Proper op names fixxx relesead????

  • MichaelKing

    Guys, Don’t Download.. Because .. Team Selection and start game after 1-2 month later still fake names.. and Bugs problem.

  • walter

    come si installa? potete dirmi la procedura

  • walter

    quando provo ad avviare il file .exe mi dice “OpenAL32.dll non trovato, Quest’applicazione non è riuscita ad avviarsi perché OpenAL32.dll non è stato trovato. La reinstallazione dell’applicazione potrebbe risolvere il problema.” cosa devo fare?

  • Andre

    Not Working

  • Michaelking

    Admin !
    This Not Working.. When I Select Team and After Months Later Again FAKE NAME.. and Still Tactic Bugs.

    You Can Give US Update. When Time Ready FULL CRACK ?

  • op names sta per i giocatori grigi che hanno statistiche OverPowered (ovvero esagerate… aprite una squadra italiana a caso di lega pro che ha solo giocatori grigi e controllate le carattestiche. sono tutti dei messi e dei ronaldo in pratica. pure al tuttocoio insomma. tolto questo. i nomi dei giocatori normali invece: il gioco parte coi nomi reali, dopo circa un mese i nomi tornano sbagliati. salvo, esco e riavvio e riesco a fare una ltro paio di partite coi nomi veri prima che di nuovo tornino sbagliati. quindi non è stabile nemmeno questa crack ecco.
    Speriamo arrivi presto una proper crack. ci stanno lavorando anche il gruppo nosteam e ali213 oltre a mkdev quindi prima o poi da qualcuno salterà fuori, diciamo che ormai sicuro si sa che uscire, esce, e che è questione di tempo (poco in teoria)

  • sasanto

    the problem for now is not fake names but grey OP’s ..with them the game is just unplayable

  • Giò

    Grazie per la spiegazione… allora non ci resta che attendere!

  • Ricardo

    to start a epoch, and play until September, p game does not place false names.
    I was playing, and before each game kept the game, left the game and returned to play the game, and so always stayed with reias names.
    when I arrived in September the names were always working properly

  • sangji

    at 21st nov, have no OP players/false players and no weird score lines. all seems good :)

    only time i got fake/false names was when i closed game down and restarted with a saved game.
    that was a date in September. when game loaded it was false players.

    I got round that, as I play on my laptop, i just keep game running in background. close lid when not in use.

    everything is good hopefully it will do till a proper crack comes out…..

  • Stomilowiec_1945

    Crack works only at the beginning, the simulation 5-6 weeks again, the names are fake… When will a crack at the names that will work all the time?

  • sam

    mkdev uploaded i new crack…says last crack…i tried to open it with the last password but nothing…does anyone tried it??

  • makerjan

    in the password of rar….. try mkdev

  • Rui

    Why the smalest teams have great players?… Does it occour at anyone?

  • mau

    gray players bug? all gray players are better than messi

  • GOT

    This is the last crack of mkdev?? He give up?

  • walter

    ma solo a me non funziona il gioco? nel senso non si installa proprio quando clicco sul file exe mi dice c’è stato un errore grave e il programma verra chiuso. un file sull errore è riperibile in C/user/crash dumps ecc ecc. come risolvo? qualcuno mi aiuta per favore. grazie mille

  • Yes two major bugs after hours of playing:
    1) names change to Turkish or Greek
    2) very small teams that have not u21 players, when a u21 game is on, dozens of SUPER players show up , then you sign them up, and suddenly you have a squad with 18 powerful players better than overall best 11 of the world !!!


  • vargas

    mkdev is close to release a proper crack

  • GOT

    new file mkdev. Passwor please

  • Jase

    New file doesnt work

  • Jase

    mk devs latest I mean

  • Bil1874

    anyone know password for new mkdev file
    “DOWNLOAD fmnew we will look again Grey possible fixed stay tooned soon files”

    have tried, ilefx, mkdev & fmnew nothing.

  • free

    Password for new mkdev “DOWNLOAD fmnew we will look again Grey possible fixed stay tooned soon files”: mk in eu

  • Bil1874

    TY Free :)

  • TTex

    Problème avec ce FM.exe, même avec le dernier crack ça ne fonctionne pas … (Message : “Un sérieux problème s’est produit…”)
    Not working for me (Win 10)

  • dan

    new file on mkdev site. please passeword??

  • dan

    pass: mk in eu

    New file still not working, gey players and fake names…

  • vargas

    You can not crack an egg.
    This is the last time i visit this site

  • Scot

    dont download the new one from mkdev!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it been taking back a month.

    worse crack of all cracks. least before i would be dec/new year before fake names reappeared, notw its when game starts.

    like its went from a 90% crack to a 1% crack :(

  • Scot

    resigning to the fact, might have to put fm16 on my xmas wish list. judging by the new mkdev file name “FINALMKDEVCPY” its the last one hes doing :(

  • Ste

    A me dice che manca twichsdsk ma quando lo metto mi dice che o non va bene oppure che non va bene con windows, cosa facio?

  • Anon

    The last one is working for the GREY PLAYERS or not ?

  • Paulo

    Isnt working for me the new MKDEV crack.

  • GOT

    new? v6?

  • bruno

    The last crack v5 i play with SCP vs 3 or 4 division and still de CR7 PLAYERS LOOL

    please make a good crack not this !!

  • GOT

    new file mkdev

  • cheetah

    Even after last crack v5MKDEV nothing has changed. All problems still remain. And it would be useful to tell what .exe to open to start the game. But not only problems with grey players with way to high values and fake names all the time coming back. Also starting date of the season is December and seems not possible to be changed for competitions starting dates in Europe.
    And very hard to place some add/on’s as panels to get bigger player faces, or backgrounds and stadiums at the right place.

  • free

    NEW FILE UP BIGGER PAK SOON old pass 57 mb in mkdev site.
    anyone have tested it?

  • mastro

    No, I will test it! What’s the password please?

  • Ludo

    password is mk in eu or mk dev eu
    test it please

  • Anon

    something new for the grey player and the names ?

  • Ahmet

    i tested it guys, nothing change. names are fake, grey player still OP.. mkdev just fooling us..

  • Sergio

    Same problem with fake names
    Im waiting for he next crack

  • Tiago

    The crack works which is nice, but i would love to play it with the correct names.

  • masbro

    use latest crack by mkdev but still fake names

  • Bicas

    este crack v6 esta pior que todos os outros nomes fakes + grey players horrivel

  • Gonçalo

    Just play demo version, and wait patient for proper crack, then load the save from demo to the full version…

  • Bicas

    eu consigo jogar prefeitamente bem a nao ser os jogadores cinza a estragar de restou esta a 100% nao com este carck mas com a vercAO NOSTEAM

  • Guizao

    For any of you the teams are starting to bankrupt and lose 9 pts in the league because of this?

  • nEo

    @Bicas Vc ta jogando com times brasileiros ? Ta com problema na libertadores tb ? uns times que sepa nunca nem participaram ganhando de 10 x 0 ???? (grey payers) ?

  • CS

    When do u expect the Fix for the names to be out?

  • Jeffrey

    Proper crack will be available this week one day by 3DM :)

  • Tuga

    guys please some help here!! how do i install the game (i’m a noob on this type of things).
    in the downloaded folder i have 2 winrar files and an application in chinese… what do i do with them?
    thank you for your attention

  • fmfreak

    You right-click both files together, click extract here, and wait for it to finish :)

  • Donetoollo

    @Jeffrey how do you know????

  • Jeffrey

    I know,i ve got sources ;)

  • antonio

    ragazzi io tra un pò acquisto la chiave se nessuno mi contatterà,la cederò in un altro forum

  • angelo

    in che senso la cederai?

  • antonio

    angelo nel senso che con una licenza puoi installarlo su 5 pc se qualcuno è interessato la divido io l’ho pagata su intagaming 36 euro quindi 7 euro a testa e giochiamo con il gioco originale naturalmente bisogna mettersi offline con steam perchè solo uno puo stare online dato che si usa un unico account steam
    se nessuno fosse interessato mi rivolgo in un altro forum

  • Fabio


  • rob

    antonio io divido volentieri

  • free

    MKDEV APIS SOON in mkdev site
    Anyone have try it?

  • Kyle

    I downloaded now on Mkdev site.. MKDEV APIS SOON… I think again this not final crack .but I try :(

  • free

    MKDEV APIS SOON don’t work properly, OP grey and Also, every team is going BANKCRUPT.

  • Kyle

    When I wanted to holiday for one day.. I try it . but There is a bug. I click Return.. but doesnt work..Come on Do it Best .. v7 still DOESNT WORK!!!

  • GOT

    v250 final crack

  • Kyle

    I see now in MKDEV Site.. v5 and fm1 here … Is this new? Do you have ever tried?

  • tzt

    still doesnt work!


    The fm1.exe doesn’t works

  • Lunatic

    These 2 exe. dont open the game. After copy&paste all the files, The game dont open anymore, I tried with the others fm1.exe and original fm.exe but no result..

    Or this tutorial are wront or i dont know.. maybe is better to make a video to undestand better how we can solve this.

  • cheetah

    should perhaps be nice if fm1 could start the game, but no response even with steam open.

  • redsasoriza

    the game won’t start :)

  • …..

    the game just dont start

  • whatthe

    don’t start game…
    fm1 and fm too
    not add to computer process
    fuck english sry

  • Johnny

    Guys I downloaded v7 and open fm with fmOld.exe and it fixed the OP gray players.
    And fake names r fixed aswell for me till now, don’t know if that’s gonna change.

  • serg


    You start new game or load save . whot date of season now ?

  • Angelo Roscilli

    Sono interessato anche io a dividere il gioco

  • Hearts1874

    none of the above work, even though they work in the beginning, if you save game & quit. then reload save game fake names come back.

    V7 is no different from V1.

    FM, FM1 & FM2 DO NOT start FM2016 only FMold does.

  • Giò

    Si anche io ho provato la v7 seguendo tutte le indicazioni e niente…i nomi fake ricompaiono dopo qualche settimana di gioco…io mi chiedo che senso ha far uscire tutti questi crack inutili…avrebbe più senso mettere direttamente quella funzionante al 100% anche se passa un pò di tempo…così sembra che ci prendono per i fondelli!

  • Nane

    OK GUYS!!!!

    Worked for me as i did following steps;
    1- Crack new fix with (fm1 and fm)
    2- Strat the game (will not run)
    3- From old crack (MKDEV API V7) copy paste only fm.exe
    4- Open steam offline or do not login
    5- Start the game with MKDEV API V7 fm.exe
    6- You should begin a new game and fixed gray OP and fake names.

    i will report if any problem occures.

  • whatthe

    fuck Gray OP

  • Wolverine

    Jony any issues?

  • Thank you Nane

    Nane’s method works!!!
    Thank you very much!!!

  • ……

    That method works only the first day,
    when you continue to next day, OP grey players appear.

  • Johnny

    My method does not work, when I continue OP gray appear.
    I will try nane’s method now.

  • Johnny

    I can’t even open the game with nane’s method.

  • ismirko

    i tryed nano methods and its working like a cherm,thanks dude :)

  • ismirko

    hmm well after save and new load game OP is back..fuck this shit

  • griezman

    Bonjour est ce que quelqu un pourrait m expliquer comment faire ou me traduire en Français l explication merci a tous

  • MinusAnthony

    Start the Game using FMold
    make sure steam is running
    Make Sure Internet Connection is OFF!!!

  • Lunatic

    MinusAnthony. Doest work

  • MinusAnthony

    – Install Steam (important)
    – start steam (do not login)
    – first start the game with fm1.exe use it until it creates save file.
    – now start the game using original fm.exe and load the save files.

    instead of using original fm.exe, use FMold

    also make sure everything from mkv2apiprp new update is in the folder

  • Lunatic


    1 – the fm.exe and fm1.exe of mkv2apiprp doesnt open the game.

    2- the fmold.exe open the game but the fake names comes back 1 day later.

    3-when you say use it until it creates save file. i have to load my file. wait the game save for itself. close the game and load the file again ?

    i have the steam running (not logged)

  • bob

    hm, yesterday worked fine with Nane method (real names but still OP) in second season with Tottenham…now i’m loading last save and all’s back to normal (fake names + OP)

  • wsfs

    I have a question: porca la madonna or porca la mauomo?

  • Lunatic

    I tested

    grey OP solved.

    names: NO

    finnances: i think is solved

  • Nemanja


    Finances are not solved…

  • YES!!

    Finally, the fucking OP grey players problem solved!!!
    Thank you!

  • Lunatic

    youre right..

    confirmed now. finnances are not solved.

  • Johnny

    I think the OP grey were the main problem.
    Hope they solve the other problems in 4 to 5 days.

  • aaron

    it’s not working

  • ramsey

    I use V7.. I selecting team M.United But.. When Im playing with bad team.. My team is very bad play.. I can’t attack or I can’t control.. I guess Tactic Bug. and I can’t transfer..

  • ramsey

    I try again, Still crashes .. when I going holiday for 1 day… Screen Freezes.. Doesn’t change anything.. still bad version…

    I guess we waiting 1-2 month..

  • Lunatic

    ramsey. that is the OP grey players bug.

  • Soloturk

    Finance and Names are bugged.

  • Tits

    What is the bug of finances????

  • ramsey

    Lunatic (14 Dec 2015, 14:48)
    ramsey. that is the OP grey players bug.

    When I going holiday or weeks later.. Screen freezes. this is OP GREY PLAyerS?

    What is OP Grey players? I dont know

  • Anon

    v7 is wokring without steam ? I don’t like to play with steam open !

  • Lunatic


    When you finish the first or second season. all clubs goes to bankrupt..

  • Michele

    Io sono italiano.. vorrei capire cosa devo fare dato che arrivo al 1 Giugno 2016 e mi cambia tutti i nomi dei calciatori

  • mkdev

    all fixed file avaliable.everything should work properly now no bugs

  • Vladan

    I play challenge, and after finishing season, fake names are back. First, it could be solved with re-open game, but now fake names are always there.

  • Carlos

    Started a new game with latest files, just after the 1st save on 1st day on Club and names go fake LOL

  • Carlos

    How can you say that?? All bugs are still present….


    I was excited when I used V7, that soon went to disappointment as after 3rd pre season match the names went fake. Anyone with a solution? It’s doing my head in!

  • Johnny

    You can quit to desktop and then restart the game, then the names fix themselves but they will go back to fake in a short amount of time, like 1 or 2 games.
    That’s what I do.

  • REMe

    It works on MAC?????????

  • pete9

    I could fix fake names by restarting the game. Now i restart but fake names are still showing.
    I’m at January 31st.

  • skfnas


    Just BUY the f***ng game. JUST BUY IT.

    40 euros aint nothin for FM2016. JUST BUY IT YOU C***SUCKERS

  • V7 crack

    Fake names is still there :(


    @skfnas Well… you are mad man. Too mad for pay and already the game are here too play

    My game was fine. Grey players OP fixed. The major issue FM have. Total unbalence but now its good

    Enjoying so far new FM ^^

  • Sitoy

    So please sir , can you told us your method which fixed all problemss please !!?

  • kral

    losers the crack is not working

    so you need to wait for crack for right names

  • commenter

    Names are still fake. At the beginning they are okay but after few friendly they all become fake. So V7 still not the correct crack

  • Devil

    Guys, it works for me after i did something. GO TO –> file folder in yoyr hard drive
    open DB folder, there is a folder for your current game 1600 or 1601 etc. Open this folder as you have the game running and delete the INC folder.. now it wont happen again at least for the current game you are running!!!! you can repeat ofcourse!


    Devil it did’nt work for me..

    – Do someone know a trick so I can keep the V7 crack but still fix the “fake names”?

  • V7 doesnt work

    Devil it didnt work for me aswell. Once i finish my 5th friendly match all names go to fake again. Need proper crack.

  • Devil

    I am in January right now and still no matter how hard i try, i have not had the fake names again. Are you sure you deleted every ‘Inc’ folders?
    Try also: in DB (database) in football manager 2016, search every file/doc with the name FAKE and erase it.

  • V7 doesnt work

    Yes i deleted both INC folders in 1600 and 1601. After same match all names goes fake.

  • jonhy


  • deep

    Any solution for MAC????

  • dendi

    after finish league 2017.. all name will be fake.. never be real name…
    i’m tried all method,,, still fake….

  • V7 doesnt work

    Yeap fake names and financial problems still going on

  • Devil

    yeah its true, it took more than a season to me but it happened. A few save/load when it occurs help but its annoying.. I will try to find the file that corrupts the game but without using steam its verry difficult..

  • Shkelqa

    Fake names is fixed, please follow these steps to avoid fake names.

    1. Start Steam
    2. Start FM
    3. Start a new game (IMPORTANT)
    4. Save the new started game
    5. Quit and load your previous saved game

    Note: Every time you want to play your saved game, you have to start a new game and save it, then quit it and load your desired saved game.

  • Vedo

    Hi Guys!

    I’ve downloaded the torrent, extracted, but when I want to run the install I get a crash dump error and the setup will not start! Tried this also with the other setup file. Anyone any solution for this? Running Windows 10

  • V7 doesnt work

    I did it. There are several ways to fix it temporary but crack is not working well because of the financial issues and fake names again. Fake names comes eventually no matter what.

  • JAJ

    Need help installing.

    When I unrar the files, it displays the folder of FM. But there is no iso file or installation file.

    How do you install the game.