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  1. asd (14 Sep 2015, 13:00)

    how to change mad max language from chinese to english?

  2. Trevor Sundberg (30 Nov 2015, 0:57)

    Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to do modding with Fallout 4, however steam is making it difficult with its anti-debugging techniques. I downloaded your crack even though I legally own the copy so that I could launch a debugger, however now when I use the standard ‘CreateRemoteThread’ method off dll injection Fallout4.exe crashes immediately. I can create the thread suspended and it works fine, but if I ever resume it it will crash. The thread entry point is LoadLibraryA, and I’ve virtual allocated a page of memory with the dll path inside of it. The injection works on regular Fallout4.exe: I currently have hooked DirectX and done some drawing. I’ve even commented out everything the DLL does, so its just the DllMain entrypoint that returns TRUE, and nothing else (still crashes). Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

  3. Karen (07 Dec 2015, 5:51)

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    please contact me as soon as possible.

  4. Franklin (20 Dec 2015, 0:07)

    Hi, I just managed to make a version of Football Manager 2016 work on Mac(cracked) and I was wondering if you could post it so that others will be able to download it and use it. It has some glitches though, but it works fine on my Mac.

  5. zahi (18 Jan 2016, 8:55)


    Its Zahi from Webpick

    We have a new and the best deal now for Mac traffic, that can boost your revenue significantly.

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    Please tell me when we can go live so I will send you the landing page and our login.


  6. anon (30 May 2016, 17:18)

    When will DOOM crack be available ?

  7. JohnKimball (08 Jun 2016, 20:34)

    hello friends, gta 5 no cd no gta social club crack was working just fine two days ago but after the new june 2016 update it asks to activate through internet ! please make new crack so no need to go on internet login online to play the game !

  8. Noone (20 Jun 2016, 15:53)

    Can u upload Tom Clancy’s The division in zamunda ,not much download speed up here…

  9. Jörg (25 Aug 2016, 12:03)

    I need help from you.
    The Holmer DLC from LS 2015 .
    I found it on farming-mod.com
    They are 4 Parts. I loaded all 4 parts down.
    But i need a password for it to open.
    Can you help me ?

  10. reinhard (25 Aug 2016, 18:52)

    any information about the Status of buying a hacked xbox one ??

    or ps4 ??

  11. bunti (06 Sep 2016, 18:34)

    Can you guys pl arrange games as per their release year and genre type.

  12. Brajesh Mohapatra (12 Sep 2016, 7:59)

    Hi friends….can you please provide the crack and iso file of cricket coach 2014????? please its urgent….please

  13. MOHAMED FAISAL (22 Sep 2016, 3:18)




    WTF !!!!!!?


  14. PaWanH (28 Sep 2016, 16:37)

    We’re in desperate need for the latest update for NASCAR Heat Evolution – The latest Build #1354020

    It contains much needed improvements…

    Any ETA on the release would be mostly appreciated ;)


  15. Amero (25 Oct 2016, 17:11)

    could u pls reupload MGS V
    please please please
    top work here btw

  16. Saffo (25 Oct 2016, 23:06)

    Please update Gauntlet slayer edition to 2.2 because ALI213 not working well (after 5-10 minute crash back to desktop – version 2.0 plaza works good but old and not having latest patch and function like camera on center)

  17. Tom Sheldon (28 Oct 2016, 19:31)

    just cause 3 thank you

  18. Skyfall (30 Nov 2016, 11:16)

    Yo Skydrow ! Can you plz give a fix to Deus Ex Mankind Divided ? it seems that some majoriti cant play it because it crash at beggining :/ have a look to the error message plz :

    ZGameInterface::PlatformInit – ERROR: OSuite game URL is invalid.18:29:54:275 (00023008) > [Crash] Memory statistics:
    18:29:54:275 (00023008) > [Crash] Total RAM = 16.0 GB (16344 MB)
    18:29:54:275 (00023008) > [Crash] Avail RAM = 9.8 GB (10008 MB)
    18:29:54:275 (00023008) > [Crash] Total virtual memory = 131072.0 GB (134217727 MB)
    18:29:54:275 (00023008) > [Crash] Avail virtual memory = 130558.6 GB (133692026 MB)
    18:29:54:275 (00023008) > [Crash] Unhandled exception at address 0x000000002dbc1f28 (code: 0xe06d7363): “Unknown exception”
    18:29:54:316 (00023008) > [Crash] Created minidump at “C:\Users\Dawid\Documents\Deus Ex – Mankind Divided\Deus Ex – Mankind Divided-v1.0 build 524.6 2016-08-23-18-29-54.mdmp”.

  19. Seth (30 Nov 2016, 12:56)

    Hi all!

    I wonder if you know that the links to the game Deus Ex: Humankind Divided are broken?
    All files were deleted. Could you help me to dld a valid .torrent or unique iso file?

    Thank you in advance.

  20. karol1200 (01 Dec 2016, 17:23)

    Front Office Football Eight please

  21. Suman (11 Dec 2016, 21:17)

    I need Far Cry primal crack and Full game . Please Help me

  22. CPY (12 Dec 2016, 17:35)

    Sorry guys, our crack just work for 30% of the game. After that you will get:

    Unhandled exception at address 0x00000000dd297788 (code: 0xe06d7363): “Unknown exception”

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  23. Collateral _damage (14 Dec 2016, 19:06)

    Front Office Football Eight????. thanks

  24. Anonym (22 Dec 2016, 20:39)

    hearts of Iron from 16-12-2016 dont works – crashes always after start.

  25. Velerin (23 Dec 2016, 9:00)

    For when Front Office Football Eight?

  26. cornucopia (30 Dec 2016, 10:08)

    I can’t find Front Office Football Eight.

  27. AZNUR (01 Jan 2017, 12:18)

    god eater 2 rage burst unable to initialize steam API

  28. pc game (04 Jan 2017, 18:20)

    Games not yet cracked

    1)Just Cause 3


    3)Far Cry Primal

    4)Hitman (2016)

    5)Need for Speed (2015)


    7)Homefront : The Revolution

    8)Total War: Warhammer

    9)Sherlock Holmes : The Devil’s Daughter

    10)F1 2016

    11)God Eater 2 : Rage Burst

    12)FIFA 17

    13)Battlefield 1

    14)Dishonored 2

    15)Planet Coaster

    16)watch dogs 2

    17)……..and many others

    I hope someday it will be crack

  29. Blossom (09 Jan 2017, 9:51)

    Do you know if the Front Office Football eight will ever go out? It is impossible to find it online. Thank you.

  30. Boulderban (15 Jan 2017, 21:55)

    Please crack Watch Dogs 2

  31. jjwatt (17 Jan 2017, 4:55)

    please add front office football eight

  32. M. D. (23 Jan 2017, 17:43)

    Hey. I was wondering if you guys have an API I could use? I want to create a program like Popcorn Time but for games. Since there are no API’s around for cracked games I’ll have to write my own. However if you guys have one yourself it’d be a huge help.

    Please send back to my e-mail address.

  33. Marroko (01 Feb 2017, 20:20)

    Is it possible to publish the Medal of Honor 2010 version please for computer?

  34. Player CS-GO (04 Feb 2017, 9:39)


    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    thank you…………thank you………….thank you

  35. Anonyme (11 Feb 2017, 11:20)

    thanks for your great job

  36. Jamie (02 Mar 2017, 0:32)

    Please can anybody help on how to complete a survey for mafia 2 rar password

  37. Inquietus (08 Mar 2017, 12:38)

    Front Office Football Eight????????????? When???????

  38. dude (09 Mar 2017, 9:20)

    can you make sure that you crack this please : NieR:Automata™ many thanks

  39. Alex (10 Mar 2017, 14:00)

    Hi Guys,

    Is is possible to create a Crack Football Manager 2017 for a Intel Celeron CPU N2840 ?

    Or if you know a site were is available, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind Regards,

  40. Rajat (28 Mar 2017, 16:52)

    Hey guys , amazing work, really appreciate it.
    But there’s just one favor that I ask from you guys. Can you get the new Star Wars Battlefront Update for the PC.
    Thanks in advance
    Kind Regard,